Bates Seaside Home

Mrs. Bates Seaside Home: A New Life
“Young Man!  You are so talented and knowlegable; you should have your Architect’s license.”  So spoke Mrs. Bates, a philanthropist and owner of Bates Road/Puesta del Sol and seaside acreage near Santa Barbara, California, to a young architectural designer whom she had commissioned to design her own home in  the late 1940’s.  The young man was William M. Bray; and her exclamation arose during her review of his first designs for her new home.  The large, two-story, twin-chimney, bay-view, beachfront home was built. Shortly thereafter, William M. Bray earned his Architect’s license and founded Bray Architects.
Mrs. Bates home still stands today, unchanged, lived-in, and apparently, much-loved.
The rest, as they say, is history.
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