Volunteering | Life-Saving

“It is vital to sustain the inhabitants of buildings and structures, at all times, and under all circumstances.”
– Roger Winston Bray, Architect, AIA, NCARB.
Building professionals are mandated to perform to the best of their abilities, to protect those who interact with the buildings and structures they work upon.  Yet, it requires something more to try to forsee the unexpected.  This is one reason Roger Winston Bray, AIA, the President of Bray Architects, performed extra training to become a Senior Structural Engineer Volunteer California Disaster Relief Worker.  In the exercise of this role, Roger enters complicated architectural structures of all types, sizes, and locations after a disaster event to ascertain present and future building conditions, to help save lives.  And saving lives is what Architecture is all about.  Because, as Roger believes, the beauty of a building or structure evolves from its structure and purpose.  If either of these are severely compromised by a disaster event, this places the people using that building or structure in danger.  Roger, then, recommends incisive remedial actions to be taken.
“Since 1949, Bray Architects has shared it’s knowledge of safety, beauty, architecture and design through our projects; our writings and lectures; our volunteering; and our striving to protect; sustain; and inspire everyone who uses our buildings; structures; and environments.”
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